Intuitive Dream Healing

I’ve been working with my dreams over the past several months. I’m keeping a dream journal and noticing how my intuition provides answers, cloaked in dream images, to the questions and challenges in my life. It’s a rewarding process. It helps me to go deeper into areas where I need to learn new tools and lessons, as well as connecting me more strongly with my creativity and spirituality.

Over the past week, I’ve noticed an interesting new dream phenomenon. After my weekend intensive workshop, I noticed one morning when I woke up that I’d been dreaming of one of the other workshop participants – I’ll call her Ella (all names are changed to protect privacy). I’ve gotten to know her better over the past year or two and have done other magickal work with her. I didn’t have a memory of us doing anything in particular in the dreams, just her presence and an echo of her name and energy. It made sense at the time – I’d been thinking of her because we’d just been in sacred space together and because I like her.

A couple of days later, I had a similar experience with another woman, who I’ll call Kelly. She’s an acquaintance of mine. We met once at a party and struck up a casual Facebook friendship based on a shared sense of humor and attitude. I hadn’t been in touch with her lately, but the echo of her name remained in my mind when I woke up. She wasn’t in any of my actual dreams, but it was as if, after each dream ended, her name arose and I re-focused on her, then went on with the next dream. It’s a bit hard to explain, but she was like a thread running through my sleep time.

Last night it happened again, this time with a colleague of mine, who I’ll call Bette. This time I knew she had been in a difficult situation, but I wasn’t particularly focused on her before I went to sleep, so it wasn’t a conscious effort. Some subconscious part of me must have wanted to help, because this time it felt more like I’d been sending her healing energy as I slept. Again, she didn’t show up in the dreams themselves, but after each sequence, her name and energy returned to my dreaming self (strongly enough so I recalled it upon waking). I think I’ve been doing some kind of spontaneous intuitive dream healing.

When I do energy work, I make sure to ask for permission before sending someone healing. I guess I can’t really do that if I’m not conscious of what I’ll be doing in advance! Though I don’t think it’s harmful, because of course their subconscious selves have to allow the energies in order to be influenced by them. In fact, I think the whole experience is kind of cool. It’s also interesting that it has happened primarily with acquaintances or colleagues, rather than close friends or family members. I wonder if I could do dream healing more purposefully, by focusing on someone (who has given their okay) before I go to sleep. I think perhaps some experimentation is in order! Anyone want to be the recipient?

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