Must-Have Music

Today is (was) Quester’s birthday. When I’d asked him for suggestions for what he wanted for gifts, he gave me a list of CDs, being quite the music aficionado. The one I grabbed turned out to be the most excellent new music I’ve heard for a long time. The band (as well as the album) is called Superheavy. The all-star performers? Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart (of the Euryhthmics), Joss Stone, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley (yes, of THE Marleys), and A.R. Rahman. I most highly recommend it. I mean it. Buy this record!

And thus ends this rather short post, because I had one of those “oh crap, it’s almost midnight and I haven’t posted yet for today!” moments. Happy Birthday my dear Quester!

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