Starcat’s Favorites: An Experiment

I’ve noticed that several of my favorite blogs post a weekly (or so) post with links to things that they’ve been enjoying. It gives you further reading on topics that might resonate with you, and allows the blogger (me) to share some cool things I’ve encountered over the past week. So as an experiment, I’m going to try it. Here goes!

Saying yes! to the things that really matter. Mm-hmmm.

Living life as a spiritual practice. I’m saying yes! to this one, for certain.

If you consider yourself a life-long learner, check out how to design your own curriculum. I love this idea!

This coming week’s Full Moon also includes a rare transit of the planet Venus across the sun. What does it mean? Here is an astrologer’s perspective. Teri at Starsdance Astrology is also writing about the celestial events of the coming week.

I drum for a Vaudeville troupe called Dark Follies. We’re doing our our own Kickstarter campaign. Help make it a success! You can get cool free stuff, including tickets to our stage show. Check out the adorable video, too.

Hope you enjoy the links. Post your own in the comments if you like, or give me some feedback on this new feature.

Tell me what you think!

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