Brown Thumb Guilt

Confession time: I don’t really like gardening. I love the idea of gardening. I enjoy being outside. I don’t mind bugs and worms that much. I compost. I love how the plants look and smell. I adore vegetables – I’m very happy being a vegetarian, and I love trying new veggies. I love to cook them. But growing them…not so much.

I thought I’d like it. Well, though, there is my theory about being either an animal person or a plant person. And I’ve always been an animal lover, so… I do feel bad about my gardening lack of joy. And I’m not even sure what I don’t like about it. Perhaps it’s mostly just not knowing what I should be doing, or how to listen to the plants, or whatever. Maybe if I take a class, or learn from a friend, or just keep trying… And I will.

In the meantime, I do what I can to support those who love gardening. Such as: shop at local farm stands, ooh and ahh over beautiful gardens, offer space here on the land for them to use. Perhaps some of those among my family and friends who enjoy gardening will just grow my fruits and veggies for me. I promise to cook you many lovely and delicious meals!


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  1. Is gardening something you would like to try to find more of an appreciation for? I’m happy to lend my advice, and even come over and help set up a garden come spring time :)

    I only grew a handful of different veggies this year, but the idea that it made me just a little more self-sufficient feels wonderful!

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