Reflection and Rediscovery

I’ve been going back through some of my old journals, looking for inspiring quotes. BlackLion and I are going to start a weekly Feline Dreamers e-zine (a newsletter sent via e-mail) and we plan to include a quote in each issue. We now have over eleven pages of quotes typed up, and the file continues to grow!

Besides finding tons of relevant quotes, I’ve also rediscovered several interesting and useful tools. The poem featured in my last blog post, for example, is a good reminder for me about how easy it can be to find my bliss. I found an idea for a guided meditation, which BlackLion and I can use in our Core Belief Kit. My notes on the “dropped and open” state of awareness from Vermont Witch Camp will come in handy when I lead a session at one of my Pagan study groups. And I also found a technique for releasing worry, which has worked well for me in the past – not only can I use it again myself, but I also plan on incorporating it into a book or article at some point.

In the process of skimming through these old journals, I’ve also been able to reflect on my spiritual journey and see how far I’ve come. And also where I’m still working on some of the same lessons that have been with me for years – though I do continue to slowly uncover new aspects of them. It’s revealing to see how my concept of myself has changed over time.

I had no idea I have such a treasure chest of ideas and tools sitting on the shelf! The journal I’m writing in now is number 22, and I have no intention of stopping. Maybe I can create a book from them at some point. “Autobiography of a Modern Witch?” Or I’ll just leave them for those who come after me to puzzle over at their leisure.

Tell me what you think!

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