It Sounds So Simple

Okay, I’m going to share a profound bit of wisdom that I’ve discovered this fall. Are you ready? Here we go: when you stop trying so hard, release a bit of control and clinging, and let go, then things flow more smoothly your way. Sounds so simple, huh? And yet I don’t think I’m alone in having to learn this particular bit of wisdom, by experience, again and again…and again.

I wanted to make some new friends this fall, ones who share my interests, laugh with me, and enjoy being with me. I also wanted the same for ElvenTiger, who had been growing apart from a couple of her friends, as they become teens and the one- or two-year age difference seems bigger. Guess what? The new homeschool co-op we joined has brought us both delightful, budding new friendships. I relaxed about my intention, and the universe offered us this vibrant new community.

I’ve been working to unite my career, my creative callings, and my prosperity, as longtime readers will know. I did a fabulous program of affirmations this fall (more about that soon, as I’m going to be writing a testimonial for the amazing woman I’ve been working with). Much of it was focused on letting go of old programming on money and allowing things to flow. And guess what? Some old blockages have melted away, my business is in an exciting stage of releasing new products and services, and while I can’t (yet) say that my bank account is overflowing, new energies are stirring.

BlackLion and I had been talking about adding personal spirituality coaching to our services, without yet mentioning it to anyone outside the immediate family. A day or two later, a friend contacted us to ask if we did coaching. Why yes, yes we do! Now she’s helping us to refine our process of coaching, while she (hopefully) gets the boost she’s looking for.

For me, it’s true that if you ask, you will receive. It’s the part about allowing the answer to manifest that many of us seem to get hung up on. Why do we make it so complex? It’s really very simple. I’m hoping I can remember that, but if I don’t, I’m sure the lesson will come around again.

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