Monday’s Doings

It’s been a pretty mellow day here today. It’s been nice hot sunny summer weather, and the fans are going. Laundry, kitchen cleaning, and grocery shopping, along with doing some work on our business, Feline Dreamers. Lots of hangout time and conversation. BlackLion, ElvenTiger, and I took a lovely bike ride just a while ago, once the sun wasn’t quite as intense.

Our late dinner is veggie burgers and potato salad; we were all too hot to be hungry earlier. We’re using the last of BlackLion’s sesame rolls to put the burgers (Morningstar Farms Grillers, Dryst’s favorites) in, along with fresh greens, red onions, and tomatoes. I’ll have to write out the recipe again for our Two Cats Potato Salad (made by us cats, not of cats!) – we lost the recipe when our external hard drive crashed, but I’ve been making it from memory.

Tonight there will probably be some Netflix watching on the agenda – Buffy and Angel, most likely. We’re on seasons 5 and 2, respectively. I love those shows! It’s nice to have a quiet start to the week.

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