Cake(s) of the Month: June

I’m way behind in posting about it, but don’t worry, June was full of cakes! And I think I got pictures of most of them.

This cake was made, believe it or not, to use up the extra frosting from the past couple of cakes. I mean, otherwise it just sits around in the fridge feeling sorry for itself. And despite the yumminess factor, no one seems to want to eat frosting by itself. So I made a square 9-inch One-Egg Chocolate Cake, a recipe from my great-grandmother, Nana Drew.

Thanks to the wonderful response I received to a cake I made for a friend’s birthday dinner party in late May (chocolate maple, and delicious if I do say so), I might have even gotten a couple of special orders for cakes! Which is a totally new thing. Here are some photos…

And finally, since it was my namesake Starhawk‘s 60th birthday on June 17th, I made some pentacle cupcakes, also using up some of the previously-made frosting (as you can tell by the powdered sugar on a few of them). Not that I know Starhawk personally or anything, but the folks at the Fireside Gathering that night loved them!

Let me know if you’re local to southern Maine and need a cake for a special occasion!

Tell me what you think!

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