The Day That Wasn’t

Happy Leap Day! I saw a funny photo on Facebook this morning, of a door to a business where the owners had posted a notice that since February 29th “isn’t a real day,” they would be closed for the day and re-open on March 1st. I thought it was a pretty cool idea!

However, since I have plans for today that would be challenging to alter, I think I’ll make tomorrow my own personal “day that wasn’t.” It’s supposed to snow here, after a winter without much of the white stuff, and our homeschool co-op has already been canceled. So tomorrow I’m going to enjoy a “time outside of time” kind of day.

I have some creative projects that have been wanting attention, and I’m very excited to give them some. I’ll be working on text for our guided meditation CD, phase two of my Starcat’s Corner book proposal, and a guest blog to submit to one of my new favorite websites, among other projects. Maybe I’ll finally make my vision board for 2012! I’ve been too busy living it to put it on paper, thus far anyway.

I hope you enjoy your own version of the day that wasn’t, whenever you decide to discover it!

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