An Inside Job

Last night, as we were sitting down to play a game of Cosmic Wimpout, I asked my family, “Well, what if the Universe just doesn’t like me? I mean, I chose Receive as my Word of the Year, and so far we seem to have more illness and less money.” I wasn’t feeling particularly down, but I had been pondering why things haven’t seemed to be moving in the direction I’ve been working toward.

Dryst is sick again, this time with a stomach virus. We were doing better with our finances this winter, until Quester lost his cab-driving job. He’s been trying to find something to do in the meantime, until he can get back outdoors with his landscaping business, but so far he hasn’t had much luck. The persistent winter weather hasn’t helped.

After I received a couple of puzzled looks about my question, Quester spoke up. He assured me, “That’s not how it works.” He held up his hands to demonstrate the image of the seedling just below the surface of the ground, unseen from above, but about to burst upward. “Don’t give up hope now. Doubt comes along just before things really start to happen.” And he’s right.

This morning I woke feeling more hopeful, and feeling positive about all the great creative stuff I have in the works. As I sat down at my laptop to check my e-mail and start working on my various projects, I noticed my posture; I was slumping a bit. I sat up straighter and smiled, and right away I felt better. Immediately, this thought came to me:

To be happy and successful in life, do your inner work. And really, it’s all inner work. Start where you are right now.

I don’t have to sell 100 books today, or make $1000., or talk to 10,000 people. Today I reach out to make connections with those who are interested in what I have to say and share. Today I visualize, and learn to feel like a successful author and entrepreneur. Today I breathe, and smile, and enjoy my work of writing and speaking and reading excerpts from my book and answering questions about my path. It’s an inside job. I love what I do, and naturally that will enable me to flourish as I share that passion and energy.

What are you doing today to tap into your wellspring of passion? How are you sharing your true self with those you encounter? Start where you are, be patient, and step by step you’ll create the future you imagine for yourself.


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