Mediocre Midwinter Update

I’ve been feeling under the weather (which, by the way, consists of snow and more snow) from an icky winter virus. My sinuses ache, and I’m tired of coughing and blowing my nose. I just want to lie down in a dark room.

The kids, who had the virus first and passed it back and forth a couple of times, are feeling better and only cough once in a while. They’re back to their regular activities now. Crow has basketball practice tonight, for Saturday’s second playoff game. He had his best friend sleep over last night, and they were having fun playing indoor basketball and computer games. ElvenTiger slept over at a friend’s house (we did a kid exchange) after yesterday’s bowling party for another pal’s birthday.

Like most everyone in northern climes, I’m decidedly sick of winter. That usually happens around this time of year, right when the viruses crop up and the air is still cold and the ground is alternately frozen and slushy. I have been enjoying reading, writing in my journal, and putting together photo albums. The photo albums are thus far the old-fashioned paper kind. But soon I’m going to purchase a digital camera, and then this blog will get modernized, with the addition of actual images! That is, once I can figure out the process of posting the photos here. I’ll be seeking help from my more computer-savvy friends.

My creative projects are going really well. I have more than enough to keep me busy, even if I stayed home from work every day (assuming I feel well, of course). That’s a good sign, since that’s exactly what I want to do! And of course, I’m always coming up with new ideas for additional projects to start.

Looking at my goals for the year, I’m doing well with all of them except for my yoga practice. I haven’t been doing any physical yoga at all lately; just haven’t been inspired. I have, however, been practicing mindfulness with a renewed focus, and that’s been wonderful. I’m not sure how to get motivated to do yoga, though. Maybe I need to take a class again.

So, overall I guess the mid-winter blahs aren’t too bad here, though I’m definitely looking forward to returning to full health.

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