Networking in My PJs

Yesterday I spent some fun time networking, while sitting here in my comfy home, still in my pajamas. For a few years now I’ve belonged to some online groups that I really enjoy, my favorite being Danya Martin’s Radical Unschooling with Law of Attraction (RU-LOA) e-mail list. I’m also a part of Faerie Nation, as well as a local homeschooling e-mail list. I follow several blogs on various topics that I’m interested in (unschooling, creativity, food, spirituality, sustainable living).

Recently, I’ve increased my involvement with online networking. Part of my motivation is to find ways to creatively and ethically market my business, Feline Dreamers, and to learn more about how to get the word out. But I also find a wealth of inspiration by interacting with many different people and groups online. While I start with topics that interest me, I often find out about all kinds of things I wasn’t aware of or new perspectives on topics that spark new ideas and fuel my creativity. So I thought today I’d share a few of my newest discoveries, in hopes of sparking your interest.

While reading “Notes From the Edge Times” by Daniel Pinchbeck for my book club, I discovered and joined his alternative social network:

My online friend and blog sister, Wild Zen Mama, has just started an awesome online tribe: WildZen Tribe: A Soulful and Inspiring Grassroots Community.

Another great online community is the one being put together by The Organic Sister. You can join her to be included in her new plans.

There is a new wiki page for unschooling entrepreneurs and small business owners. I tried to link to it, but I guess you have to sign up for wikispace first. Contact me directly if you’d like more information.

And of course there’s The Unschooler’s Emporium, which has had a special link here on my blog for a while. We just added our e-book to their list of items for sale.

I also joined a mastermind group based on small businesses, that a few folks from the RU-LOA list are starting. It’s a small private group, but I’ll let you know how it’s going as it gets up and running.

If you feel inspired to do so, share some of your own favorite websites or groups (or ones you’ve created) in the comments section. Thanks!


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