It’s Update Time

First things first – Merlin cat had his jaw repaired this morning. They are finished, and we’re supposed to call back in a little while to find out when we can pick him up. Thanks SO much for all your good wishes for our sweet black kitten! Please keep the healing energies coming as he continues on his path back to full wellness.

I also wanted to update you on a new hobby of mine: knitting. My Mom and her sister are excellent at knitting (and sewing, crocheting, and many other creative arts). ElvenTiger learned how to knit when she was six (from Grammy, of course) and is co-teaching a homeschool knitting class. Me? I’d been convinced for a long time that anything involving thread, string, or yarn is beyond me. Not that I don’t have my own crafty talents, mostly involving paper, pens, glue, and scissors, but I thought the gene for fiber arts had skipped me entirely. Or that my cat nature made me tend to tangle up string rather than organize it.

But ElvenTiger insisted that I keep trying, and now I must say I’m starting to enjoy knitting! I’m on my third project. I can’t tell you what they are, or share any pictures, until after the holidays. But I’m merrily humming along making knitted gifts. They’re not perfect, but they’re made with love!

In other homesteading updates, BlackLion has been making our family’s bread for the past couple of months. He has a wonderful sourdough starter that he’s been nurturing, and I’ve gotten into the habit of buying flour rather than loaves of pre-sliced bread. His bread is far more delicious, and has less ingredients. A friend pointed out to us one day this summer that the “healthy” whole wheat bread we were buying had high-fructose corn syrup in it. Huh? That was when we got interested in making bread for the family once again.

Yesterday ElvenTiger and I made laundry detergent, something we learned at our homeschool co-op. We added some lavender essential oil to make it smell lovely. I’m very pleased with it. We were gifted with a bunch of late-season apples last week, and Quester made applesauce. Almost everyone is getting into the homesteading thing – except Dryst, who isn’t much for cooking or arts and crafts. He’s a teenage boy, though, so he’s an enthusiastic consumer of all the foods we make! Last night we made Indian food, sort of a nav rattan korma (mixed veggies), which everyone loved. I made my own curry blend, but of course I just did it on the fly, without measuring or writing down the recipe. It figures that would be the one everyone likes best! Perhaps I can replicate it, if memory will cooperate.

The cutout cards are coming along nicely, and I’ve started thinking about what edible goodies I’ll make for the holidays. Quester has been working on candles, and BlackLion is contemplating some cordials. Oh, and we just released a new e-book over at the Feline Dreamers site. We’re feeling rather creative around here! Hope your holiday preparations are going well, too.


It’s Update Time — 2 Comments

  1. Merlin cat is home! He had a successful surgery, in fact a less invasive procedure than originally discussed. Please send him healing energies. He has to be checked again on Monday to be sure that his jaw is still all lined up. Thanks so much for all the love and support for our feline family member!

  2. So glad to hear about Merlin. We’ll keep sending the healing energy his way.

    Love all the wonderful homesteading going on:)
    I started knitting last year. I find it so relaxing!

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