Working It Out In Dreams

After a time of relative quiet, my dream life has become very active lately. It’s Spring, and as the land awakens, I’m remembering my dreams more often. A lot of them relate to travel, which for me means that I’m “on the way” to a new phase in my life. As I’m stepping more fully into my role as published author and entrepreneur, I’m going there first in my dreamscape, perhaps to explore the terrain.

The other night I was traveling to book signings and fancy dinners on a big touring motorcycle, with my assistant on the back and the saddlebags stuffed with books. I had done a book review trade with an actress I admire, Miyam Bialik (loved her on Blossom back in the day, and she’s hilarious on The Big Bang Theory. And she’s an unschooler!). Last night I was celebrating a day where I’d made more than $1000 in sales – of these lovely complicated mobiles made of rocks and found items, rather than books, but still…  In another one, I was traveling through Canada by train, noticing that every town we passed had a prominently-advertised magick shop.

I’ve even been writing in my dreams. I woke up while writing a blog entry, which went as follows: “You are a vibrant part of the grand flow of everything, of life itself. How do I know? We’ll, you’re reading this. You are, presumably, breathing (if you’re a vampire, bear with me, or go read Undead Living, or something).” I think the vampire reference jarred me awake, as that’s all I captured from that one.

Another time I woke from a dream where I was working on the Dream Journal newsletter, an article about family. I was about to look up past issues, to make sure I hadn’t already written the same article or one very similar. I think my waking and dreaming lives are starting to overlap a bit.

What about you? Are your dreams more active during certain times of the year, like Spring? They might be tied to a phase of the moon – mine are often more vivid when the moon is waxing and full. How do you use your dreams to explore new ideas and adventures? Do you have recurring symbols that indicate a new direction? Whether you do this work consciously or it happens organically, it’s a good idea to notice where your dreams are taking you. It might just be a preview of exciting times to come!

P.S.Do you think I should contact Ms. Bialik in waking life to ask her about a book trade? Or is that a crazy idea?

Tell me what you think!

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