I’m baaaaaack!!!

Hello there, readers. If there are any of you still out there. Heh heh heh. I’ve been choosing to do other things than write on this blog, obviously, over the past year. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of creative work, though.

BlackLion and I started the Feline Dreamers website, which is worth checking out and has lots of cool articles. We’re also writing a book, which is really exciting and is a big focus for my writing. A dear friend and I are writing a vegan pagan cookbook – we don’t have a website for it yet but we will before too long, and I’ll link to it when it’s up. It’s fun inventing and perfecting recipes and writing them down; it’s something I’ve just been learning about over this past year. I’ve also been keeping up with journal writing, and have been writing poetry sporadically. I received a djembe in May and have done a bit of drumming off and on. I’m still writing the Starcat’s Corner column for the EarthTides newsletter (it’s been 10 years now, wow!), and for the past year BlackLion and I have been writing a Faerie Tidings column for the same publication. We’ve also been published in Faerie Nation magazine, and have plans to submit articles to PanGaia and possibly other publications.

I also started a brand-new creativity coven that is meeting each Full Moon (get in touch with me if you live in southern Maine and are interested in being a part of it). I’ve been giving Reiki sessions, which has been really rewarding. I went through some health challenges over the late-summer and early fall; I’m feeling better now and have gotten back to my yoga practice, which was neglected for a while.

The young ones are doing well. Crow is doing soccer and basketball and writing and reading and video games. ElvenTiger is knitting and doing art and did soccer this fall and is constantly making up songs and imagination games. Mystic Quickpaw is a year and a half old and is fun and loving. Huzzah is our old-man cat and is slowing down quite a bit, especially as cold weather comes in. Star dog is having fun doing her canine thing.

Quester is focused on writing new songs with the latest incarnation of Freakwitch. He and Raven are spending a lot of time together and seem to be having fun. BlackLion is, as mentioned above, working on a lot of writing, and he’s also making a transition in terms of becoming self-employed and pursuing his bliss.

That’s the update. Now back to our regularly scheduled study of the Multiverse!


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