First Harvest

Happy Lammas everyone! No, not llamas, although they are pretty cool. Lammas is the Pagan celebration of the First Harvest. Abundant early crops like wheat and corn are featured in the celebration – so homemade bread and corn on the cob, along with tomato dishes featuring fresh herbs like basil and cilantro, are often included in the feast. A friend of ours has an overabundance of zucchini to share, so our own celebrations this week will have grill-roasted zucchini as part of the menu. Yum!

Along with the literal harvest, we can also give thanks for that which we’re harvesting in our lives. The projects that we conceived of in Winter and planted as seeds this Spring are now, perhaps, coming to fruition. They may not yet be complete, but hopefully we can see the energies coming together. It’s time to patiently continue to nurture them as they grow. Not everything we’ve planted will thrive, so there may be things to let go, too.

I’m tending to some cherished creative projects that are still coming together. One big project that I thought I’d given up on has rallied and is progressing well, and I’m in the midst of writing several articles that I can visualize being completed in the next couple of months. I’m letting go of my expectations in other areas, and seeking some new options for financial abundance. What is your First Harvest? Are there things you’re ready to let go? Are there others you will continue to tend carefully?

Blessings of Lammas to you! May your gardens thrive and bring you a bountiful harvest!


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  1. Happy Lammas!

    Over here, we are enjoying the weather and the harvest from my small garden. In other areas of our lives, we’re looking forward to ‘harvesting’ a new home. Emotionally, I have been harvesting every emotion known to man, which has had a lot of things come up for me that are still as yet difficult to put down in words.

    Although we’re harvesting much, there’s still so much still ripening, and just simply are not quite ready for us to enjoy quite yet…soon!

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