Starcat’s Favorites: Change in the Air

There’s been a lot of change in the air this week. We made it to March, and even though we’ve had more winter storms complete with snow, it is feeling more like spring each day. The snow melts more quickly, the sun peeks through with that glowy color of spring, and ideas are springing up everywhere!

My week included a lovely polarity session, lots of shimmies in my dance class, new potential collaborations with family members, a much-anticipated online event that was postponed due to technical difficulties, and much brainstorming with BlackLion about new creations from Feline Dreamers. We plan to offer an in-person workshop in the near future, to be followed by an online course on the same topic (more details soon). We’re also creating a series of e-books. See what I mean about all the new ideas?!

I’m glad for the change, and I welcome the shifting of energies. Here are some links for you to peruse as you start the new week.

When change throws things into chaos, meditation is often my first go-to. I love the zen habits website; here is a simple description of how to get your meditation habit started. A friend shared this terrific resource for meditating with kids (suitable for adults, too, of course).

I really resonate with this post about cultivating both gentleness and strength.

Connection with the other worlds is something that’s not often spoken of in our society. Here are some tips for handling it, and even encouraging it.

Here’s a review of my book, Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living. I hope you’ll consider reading my book, and spreading the word to your friends. Thanks!

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