Starcat’s Favorites: Winter Wanes

merlinsslippersEven though we’ve had a milder winter this year in New England, in terms of the weather, I’m still more than ready for the start of spring. So are the cats, who might have just a touch of cabin fever. I’ve been enjoying going for more walks now that I don’t have to bundle up quite so much. The snow is mostly gone, and we even have some snowdrops in our flower gardens!

BlackLion and I are partnering with our friend Rebecca LaWind to offer an in-person workshop next weekend, on Saturday March 19th in Windham, that I’m really excited about. You can find out more over at the Feline Dreamers website.

Here are some links from what I’ve been reading about lately, for your entertainment and enlightenment. Enjoy!

Some interesting insights in this post about not caring what others think of you. “It’s like we always prefer to impress and charm the new than to work on what we already have.” Ah! So true…

I find this article about the shift from conventional religion to contemporary spirituality to be very hopeful news.

10 Things Successful Manifestors Do Differently. Also, manifestation vs. surrender.

“The world may not be so random after all.” The Magic of Synchronicity.

I like this checklist for those times when you feel like freaking out.

We can all be resistant to change. Here is a method for training yourself to move beyond that resistance.

Check out this reading list for wild women. Many of them are going on my wish list.

Like it or not, you are a swimsuit model. Wear your body confidently!

This one is for Quester and the other singers and vocalists out there – know your instrument!

I’m not sure if this is true or not, but if so, it’s a good sign of progress.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy some warmer weather if you can. Blessings!

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