My 25 Random Things Post

One of my favorite bloggers, entrepreneurs and online personalities is Leonie Dawson. She’s creative, irreverent, funny, and tells it like it is. She recently put up this post, which hearkens back to when she first started blogging. She mentioned 2006, and since that’s the very year I started this blog, I figured I’d play along and write up my own “25 random things about me.”

Here goes!

percysleeping1. I often sleep all squished up in a teeny little spot, especially in winter. That’s because I share a queen-sized bed with a man, two medium-sized bed-stealing dogs, and Percy the cat. I’m not complaining, though. They’re good snugglers and don’t snore too loudly.

2. I’ve published three non-fiction books over the past three years, plus drafted two novels. I’m not working on a book-length writing project right now, and I’ve recently discovered that I miss it.  I miss working on a big project each day and following my muses down the green leafy path along the river of words.

3. I don’t watch a lot of TV because it cuts into my reading time. I’m laughably slow getting through a series. But the stuff I do watch, I really enjoy and find inspiring. Here’s a list of shows I’m currently in the middle of: True Blood (I read the books and loved them), Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Dr. Who (my favorite), Haven, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I’m totally behind), Big Bang Theory, Arrow, and Flash.

4. I believe the Universe (Multiverse) is much like the one in Dr. Who, with lots of probabilities and magick and alternate selves and beauty and aliens.

5. I no longer care if people think I’m crazy for believing in those things. Your beliefs are yours, mine are mine, it’s all good.

6. I really have little to no interest in politics. I mean, I care about the world and I want us to deal with climate change and get rid of injustice. I just don’t feel like the political world – other than voting, which I do – is the place for my energies to make the biggest difference. It feels like such a farce.

7. When I make lots of money I want to give a bunch of it to causes that I DO believe are making a difference in the world. There are lots of groups of people doing such powerful and positive work in the world, often really quietly and under the radar. They deserve funding and attention.

8. A ton of my vegetarian friends and family have started eating meat. I personally have no desire to eat it. It grosses me out after 20-plus years as a vegetarian. My daughter feels the same at this point. Sometimes we feel like the two holdouts. I was a very picky eater as a child, and I think I channeled that into not liking a whole category of food (meat). I like almost every single veggie, though!

9. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far this year, and it’s been an easy process. My body is good with eating less food and (almost) no sugar and she loves moving more. It’s fun.

10. I can’t wait until summer! I want to swim and lie in the hammock and hike and go to the beach. I adore summer. I’m one of the few people I know who actually loves those really hot humid days.

11. I can’t stand air conditioning. See #10.

12. I started a new morning meditation practice last August, beginning with 15 minutes and increasing gradually. I now do silent meditation for 30 minutes each morning as I start my day. I LOVE it so much.

13. I’m 46 years old and I love the 40s more than any other decade so far. It rocks.

14. My kids are older teens and I’m discovering how much I love the freedom that brings me. I see younger parents and remember how time-intensive it was. I’m so time-rich! I’m very thankful.

15. I say that I’m time-rich, yet I tend to fill up my schedule too much sometimes. Everything looks really fun and so I say YES to a lot of things – and then the week is full of too many fun things and I’m like “oh man, I have to do all this STUFF.” I’m getting better about balancing it but it’s a struggle sometimes to just say “no thanks” up front.

16. One of the areas I still really struggle with is prosperity. I’m actually quite embarrassed by this – shouldn’t I have it figured out by now?! I’m sick of being poor. I’m doing my best, though. Most of the time I feel confident that I’ll figure it out soon.

17. I love writing poetry, but I forget about it for long periods at a time. Then I have a sudden flash of inspiration and I’m back into the groove. Poetry is such a delightful mystery.

18. As you know if you’ve been around this blog for a while, I’m an avid reader. Right now I’m reading 4 books at once, which is fairly common for me. They are The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan (book 3 in the Wheel of Time series), Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Iterate and Optimize by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant, and Clearing Emotional Clutter by Donald Altman.

19. A good friend of mine got me taking vitamin D a couple of years ago (she actually gave me a bottle of it so I would have no excuses). I feel like it helps a lot and was a great idea. I also take vitamin C regularly, and I don’t get sick very often.

20. This winter was the exception. I took my vitamins, and still got really sick with a tenacious cold. I’m finally feeling better, and I’m so glad!

21. Okay, Leonie, I agree. 25 is a lot of things. I’m good at coming up with ideas, but still. I’m running out of steam a bit. I can do this!

22. You probably know that I adore cats. Some of the other creatures I love? Owls, dogs, deer, horses, bears, frogs, bees, and bats.

23. I love working from home.

24. I love to travel but I wouldn’t want to do it on an extended basis. Even with unlimited funding, I think I’d go away for a month or maybe two, then come home to be with my cats and dogs and books and trees and recharge my batteries. Then adventure off again.

25. These are the ten places I’d most love to visit (in no particular order): Hawaii, Tibet, Italy, the Celtic Isles (England-Scotland-Ireland), India, San Francisco, Vancouver, Fiji, Chile, and southern France.

Phew, I did it! If you have your own blog, I hereby challenge YOU to write your own 25 random things post. It’s really fun.



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