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Welcome to Starcat’s Study. Come on in. Here, have a pillow to sit on. Tonight we’re just sitting around listening to the Counting Crows, contemplating winter, eating vegan pizza (whad’ya mean? of course it tastes good!).

If you’ve discovered this blog already, you’re either JWL (hi J! Thanks for the help getting this set up!) or you stumbled on it by accident. Once I get some real content up, I’ll spread the word.

What’s it about? Well, I’m a big-time journal writer. I mean, real journals, on paper, with luscious fabric covers, written in groovy gel pens and decorated with doodles. So, I figured I’d share some of my random thoughts with you. It’s also a way to give back, since there are a few cool blogs that I enjoy reading regularly (see the links on the side, once I figure out how to get them there…).

I’ve been doing what I call “The Study” for quite a long time now. Basically checking out what others have written about various metaphysical subjects, and applying it to my life to see how it works for me. And of course, coming up with my own techniques and practices along the way. It’s fun. I’m a Virgo, so this type of semi-scholarly stuff draws me right in. I plan to share some of my findings with you in future posts. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe even learn something new.

Get comfy, grab a book from one of the shelves (we can light some more candles in here if you want). Blessed Be!


Welcome to the Study — 5 Comments

  1. What a wonderful, journalistic idea. I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve seen of your writings – stories, poems, just plain old cards and letters addressed to me! Can’t wait to check it our regularly. Love, Mom

  2. Welcome to the BlogaeSphere dear friend Starcat! Looking forward to many thought provoking posts from you.
    Carpe Lumen,

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