Blue Moon Intentions

Last week was the Full Blue Moon. The Blue Moon is the second full moon of a calendar month, and the phenomenon only happens about every 3 years, or 33 moons. Since the calendar we use is a human-made system, you could say that the significance of this is kind of a made up thing. But isn’t that true for much of our magickal lore? Things take on the significance we give them.

Since the Full Blue Moon only comes around every three years or so, some of us like to use its energies to help focus on our intentions, and take action that will help us reach our most cherished goals. It feels like a potent time for receiving deep intuitive guidance.

The most recent Blue Moon marked the culmination, for me, of some deep personal work. On the previous Blue Moon, in August of 2012, at my circle’s celebration, we did a trance to discover an intention that we would work with for the next 35 months.

During my trance, I was told that it was time to bring forth my gifts to share with the world.

bluemoonintentionI was given four words, and a dance associated with them. I was advised to CONNECT, RECEIVE, CREATE, and SHARE, and to repeat the cycle, again and again. Over the course of the past three years, I’ve used this mantra as a guide in my writing career and in my life as a whole. I dedicated a big candle to serve as a reminder, as well as a chunk of raw rhodochrosite (a pink and grey rock) that I traded for with a friend. I also made this art journal page.

How has this Blue Moon intention helped me direct my life and work? I honestly don’t say this to brag, but rather to illustrate the power of working with intentions and lunar energies: I’ve had two non-fiction books on spirituality published, written the drafts of two novels, I’m working on a third non-fiction book, and I just released a free e-book on creativity. Plus many blog posts, for this blog and others, including a monthly slot at my favorite website, Kind Over Matter, this year. Our Feline Dreamers business has been growing, slowly but steadily, as have my book sales. I’ve drummed for many successful live performances. I’ve also delved more into art and dancing. I’d say it’s going quite well!

Even more important than my creations, though, is the fact that I’ve found a deeper joy and spiritual connection in my life. I’ve followed the advice from the trance, captured in my journal the night of that 2012 Blue Moon, to “be passionate about and devoted to this sacred work.”

I’ve made my spiritual journey and creative exploration a priority, even more than before, and it has enhanced my life in a myriad of ways. Sure, the ride has still been bumpy at times, but having that reminder to turn inward is invaluable. I am reminded, especially when things are rough, to connect to my source and to receive, to recharge, to fill my cup with cosmic energy. Then I can use those energies, combined with my own powers of imagination, to create, and give back to the universe by sharing what I’ve made. I’m so thankful for these lessons.

At last week’s 2015 Full Blue Moon, I refined my focus to my primary calling of writing. For the next 33-plus moons, I’ll be working with this intention: I will dedicate at least an hour each day, five days per week, to focused work on a creative writing project. I’ll also be keeping my now-familiar mantra, CONNECT, RECEIVE, CREATE, SHARE.

I’m posting my new intention here to help with accountability, to keep myself on task. It feels like the right time to ramp up my writing career. I can feel the momentum. I’m ready to share my creations with more and more people, to touch their lives and help uplift them. I’m ready for success, Universe. Bring it on!

I can’t wait to see what accomplishments I’m listing off in 2018, when it’s time for the next Full Blue Moon. Blessed Be!

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