Starcat’s Favorites: 2023 Mystical Holiday Shopping Guide!

Hey friends! No doubt you’re getting the same onslaught of Black Friday offers and other holiday sales as I am – from, well, every direction. It’s kind of gotten out of hand. Many of us are choosing to instead focus on supporting local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other magickal offerings this season. 

Since I know so many amazing and magickal entrepreneurs, I thought I’d offer this holiday gift guide as an alternative to the mainstream holiday flyers. Plus, it’s all electronic, so nothing to recycle. I can also add to it as I find new inspiring gifts!

I also want to encourage you to gift yourself with something special this season. You are a magickal being and deserve to embrace your deepest desires.

A couple of these offers are affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Most of them are not; they’re all people whose work I love and who are totally worth supporting, this season and always!

Without further ado, your magickal Starcat-curated holiday gift guide.

The Dream Witch

The Dream Witch speaks: As the Dream Witch, I often hear people tell me, with surprise in their voice, “I’ve been having the most intense dreams lately!” 

Which makes sense…after all, we’re living through some intense times. As extraordinary as our dreams can be, however, we tend to dismiss them in favor of “doing something” – whether that’s posting on social media or calling representatives or even buckling down to be more productive.

I mean, why bother doing dreamwork when the world is on fire? 

It’s simple: our dreams bring us a bounty of gifts that not only help us identify the core material creating unworkable patterns in our lives (not to mention on a collective level), but also the creative solutions to transform

Whether you feel stuck in a recurring pattern in your personal life or are wondering how to be part of a solution to more global problems, Somatic Dreamwork can unlock the material in your unconscious mind to give you ingenious insight and direction.

For a limited time, I’m offering Private Somatic Dreamwork sessions for $99 (a 40% discount). You can purchase as many as you want at this price – for you or as gifts – to schedule anytime in 2024.

Click this link to purchase as many Private Somatic Dreamwork sessions as you want. After your purchase I will email you the links to schedule your sessions (which you can pass on to those you may be gifting them to).

Julie Balderrama is the Dream Witch and uses her training in somatic coaching and dreamwork to help people dismantle oppressive internal systems so they can give themselves permission to live life on their own terms.

Readings with Ineisha

Ineisha says: If there’s anything that is true about me and the Tarot, it’s that I like to see the whole picture.

I like to discover all sides of any curiosity or confusion, shedding light on the tiniest of detail to the most panoramic views of life’s journey. And so, I have sharpened my skills with precision in illuminating the unseen aspects that may be holding us back from stepping fully into our potentiality at any moment.

Whether you find yourself searching for something that hasn’t materialized into form yet,

Seeking answers to specific questions and requiring clarity on your life’s purpose,

Or simply wish to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you may be overlooking,

I offer you the silver lining in a session with me. I will make sure to give you clarity as clear as day and tap into the part of you that shines brilliantly and help it radiate outwardly!

Treat yourself and your close ones with a 50% OFF Gift Certificate through the end of the year and receive an hour Zoom session with me for $55 dollars and book through June of 2024!  Schedule Appointment with Sunshine Readings ( 

Ineisha discovered her gift for perceiving the world through energy and has since nurtured this skill. Her ability to listen and provide insightful advice led to the realm of divination, where she now offers transformative tarot and oracle card readings. Ineisha helps clients rekindle forgotten parts of themselves and brings them peace of mind. Ineisha demystifies the spiritual realm, bringing inspiration and reinvigoration back into the spirits of her clients.

Ineisha – Psychic Intuitive – Sunshine Readings 

The Energy Almanac

Manage your future with the 2024 Energy Almanac! I love this annual guide so much.  With its coil-bound construction and zodiac-based astrology predictions, this book is perfect for planning ahead and making sure you’re ready for whatever the heavens throw your way

Know the best timing for your next retreat or vacation. Understand which skills you’ll be practicing in 2024. Don’t wait for the beginning of every month for the next horoscope articles to drop. Stop checking your app and start knowing ahead of time exactly what moves to make and when.

Apply astrological insight to help you stop striving and start THRIVING. The Energy Almanac for 2024 is your go-to one-stop-shop for the coming 12 months. With eye-catching art worthy of a frame, you can see in a jiffy where you should be directing your energy.

The astrology of the year ahead has been decoded and wrapped up into one beautiful book to keep at your bedside, desktop, or altar. Don’t guess anymore! Plan according to the planets.

SNATCH UP THE COIL-BOUND EDITION WHILE YOU CAN! Supplies won’t last long – and then it’s paperback or bust! You can lay your book flat and write in it. (Yes, we recommend that!). 

These make amazing gifts for your mystical and witchy friends, too.

Get your copy right here

Illuminate: The Unschool of Witchcraft

Get Certified as a Badass Powerful Witch that is an expert in psychic divination, magickal spells, and energy healing.

Illuminate: The Unschool of Witchcraft is the #1 hands-on, unschool of mystical knowledge that will give you the skills and experience you need to step out into the world as the psychic medium, high priestess and healer that you are meant to be.

My friend Sunshine is your expert guide on this amazing journey.

Your very special holiday price is just $2222. for a whole year! If you’re interested in joining for that price and don’t see it on the page, email and let her know Starcat sent you. 

Self Love Rainbow Workbook

I’m enjoying the Self-Love Rainbow Workbook by Dominee Calderon.

I bought this workbook because I love the author’s work – both in terms of her advocacy for mental health wellness and for her absolutely adorable illustrations. What I’ve quickly discovered is that it’s perfect for anyone at any part of the inner journey.

My second book, written nearly 9 years ago now, is called Cultivating Self-Love. So yeah, I wrote the book on this topic – well, one of them anyway. But living one’s life with self-love and compassion isn’t something we just check off the list and move on from. Although self-love is something I’ve been learning and practicing for years, I’m discovering new things and enhancing my journey as I make my way through this inspiring workbook. It’s the perfect companion at any point along the winding path of self-discovery.

Face it, even when we know why we should, most of us don’t take enough time for ourselves. We might think it’s selfish, or silly, or we’re just too busy and overwhelmed.

This workbook guides you through the process of learning to treat yourself with kindness and compassion – regularly!

And the artwork is adorable. Give yourself the gift of this powerful self-love tool. Gift copies to your friends as well! Very highly recommended.

To dive into the Self-love Rainbow Universe, check out:

🦄 Shop:

🌈 Etsy:

📖 Book:

Joanna Hunter Presents: My Million Dollar Experiment

Thriving Artists – you know how it’s sort of a catch-22 solving prosperity issues and upleveling your finances, because most of the courses cost a LOT? I just joined a program, My Million Dollar Experiment, which starts in January and is only $25. Total. That’s it. 

I haven’t worked with the person running it directly, Joanna Hunter, but she comes highly recommended by close friends in the biz sister community. So I thought I’d pass the info along to all of you. 

Also, you can become an affiliate and make back your $25 if 2 people join, which is what I did.  (No, it’s not a pyramid scheme or anything like that, just a way for them to get lots of new participants and help people get prosperous). 

It’s a self-led course with a FB group and looks like it’ll be super helpful. No pressure at all to join, but if you want to check it out, here’s the link

Let me know if you decide to join – it’ll be fun to play along together and compare notes!

The Elements of Creativity

Have you had an idea for a book – or another long-form project – that’s floated around in your head for a long time? Do you hesitate to begin writing it because you just don’t know where to start? 

My latest book is your sacred map to actually writing your book.

The Elements of Creativity lays out a path, following the wisdom of the five elements, to writing your book with a lot less stress and struggle. Learn to harness the power of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit to create your masterpiece.

I am your experienced guide to unlocking your innate creativity. Not only will you write your world-changing book, but your creative insights will ripple throughout your life, bringing you more joy and peace.

Get your copy of The Elements of Creativity and start your writing journey now. Or get one for a friend and give the gift of expanded creativity! 


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