Holiday Wishes Especially for You

Here is a holiday list of gifts for you, directly from my heart to yours. Many blessings!

I wish good health for you. I wish good health for those you love.

I wish for you to be surrounded by people who love you. This includes cats, dogs, and other critters – they’re people too, in my book.

I wish for you to love and accept yourself just as you are. I wish that you enjoy the solitude of your own company,

I wish for you interesting and sustaining work to do in this world. I wish for you wonderful passions to keep you engaged and learning.

I wish for you laughter and fun. I wish for you sacred movement, dances that move through your body, and music that is yours alone.

sunsetoceanI wish for you delicious, healthy food, a warm and cozy place to live, and comfortable clothing. I wish for you plenty of money to sustain your lifestyle, plus some extra to share and enjoy.

I wish for you beautiful places in Nature to experience. I wish for you time spent outdoors, enjoying the energies of this gorgeous Earth.

I wish for you big hugs and soothing backrubs. Warm showers and hot tea. Comforts that you enjoy.

I wish for you quiet restful sleep and deep, insightful dreams. I wish for you protective spiritual guides and wild totem animals and voices of intuition to whisper delights in your ear.

I wish for you new things to learn, to excite your mind and keep you thinking. Empowering websites, terrific books, engaging shows and movies, inspiring artwork, and uplifting quotes. I wish for you creative inspiration that flows through you and moves you to do something you love.

I wish for you kindness and  compassion, given and received, for yourself and for others, for everything that is.

I wish for you a tangible connection with the Divine forces of the Cosmos, the ones that dance within you and all around you. May you be blessed by your connection.

I wish for you exciting new goals to reach for in 2015. For a joyous transformation of your life, ever-changing and awesome!

I offer you this gift, an e-book that was created to inspire you: 101 Tips to Be More Present, Access Your Inner Wisdom and Share Your Spiritual Gifts! To access it, simply visit Feline Dreamers and enter your name and e-mail address. You’ll receive our twice-monthly newsletter that focuses on ways to live a more joyful and meaningful life – or if you like, you can opt out of that once you’ve downloaded your gift. I hope you enjoy it!

Holiday Blessings to you!

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