New Moon in June

Happy New Moon, and month of June! Around here, the weather has been just lovely this week, after a bunch of rain. We have some fun gatherings to attend (and host) this month. The first one is coming up this weekend, which is the wedding of a very special couple. I’m delighted and honored to be participating in the ceremony. I’m calling Water, but I’ll be careful not to ask for rain, since the handfasting portion of the day is being held outside.

The new moon brings the energy of new beginnings and exploration. According to Starsdance Astrology’s blog, this particular new moon is a good time to explore one’s deepest desires. And according to my Rob Brezsny horoscope, the coming weeks are a perfect time for me to do things which I’ve been told just can’t be done. Which is what? It’s quite obvious, in my case – I’ve been told repeatedly that I can’t make a living as a writer, and I had the misfortune of believing it. I guess I’ll be focused on submitting more of my writings this month. I’m trying various avenues: looking for a literary agent, sending letters directly to publishers, and submitting articles to magazines. Time to ramp it up!

Hope is easier to find at this time of year, and as the moon waxes. I’ll polish off my finest literary gems and share them with the world, as well as carefully cutting some new ones. In between, of course, gardening workshops, a big anniversary, family potlucks, a milestone birthday celebration for an old friend, and a fireside gathering or two. Summer’s here! Who wants to play?

P.S. Here’s a little more inspiration, for the road. Enjoy!


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