Progress Despite Myself

There are just a few days left until the official start of spring. It doesn’t seem like it, looking out my office window and seeing the expanse of snow. But as my Mom pointed out, spring has always come each year so far. 

I feel like this winter has been especially hard. I probably always say that – I’m not a winter person – but I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing productive. I know that’s not true, but it feels like it.

I’ve been taking a lot of down time, nurturing myself in my grieving process, and doing what feels like the bare minimum to keep my business going. My income isn’t what I wanted it to be. I haven’t been moving my own creative projects forward as much as I’d wished. I’ve had a lot of down days, where I’ve felt like hibernating.

Even so, I know that I’ve accomplished things that are meaningful to me. I thought I’d make a list of them, so I don’t feel quite so useless.

  • The thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve done yoga every single day, starting on January 2nd. The length of time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the day. BlackLion and I like doing the Yoga With Adriene videos on YouTube. I’m noticing myself getting stronger and more flexible.
  • I’ve posted on this blog 10 times (including this post) since the beginning of the year. 
  • I’ve kept up with sending out bi-weekly newsletters, and weekly emails about the upcoming Parallel PlayDate.
  • I’ve been keeping up with my social media posts for my business. Since the beginning of 2023, I’ve published 7 videos, 17 content posts, 19 promos (mostly for retreats), 8 Monday Memes, and 37 just-for-fun Instagram posts about cats, books, and food (among other things).
  • I’ve gone on 2 Artist Dates this year so far, keeping up with my monthly goal, plus an extra one that included doing a float tank session with a friend.
  • I’ve submitted my information to 19 podcasts, and have had 4 positive responses so far. My interview with Jennifer Elizabeth Moore from last summer was published, and I submitted a new guest blog post to Mike Dooley’s TUT website.
  • My writing clients have been finishing manuscripts, making queries to literary agents, and publishing e-books. I led my February virtual retreat for 9 Thriving Artists. I’ve led my weekly Parallel PlayDates and have a small but mighty community showing up each week.
  • I’ve finished a small editing project for one client, and have been working on two longer-form ones.
  • I’ve taught almost 3 months’ worth of courses on magick so far in Spirit Sanctorium, which just launched this year. I’ve co-taught (with BlackLion) a monthly workshop at Good Vibe University.
  • My summer in-person writing retreat is nearly full, for the first time!
  • I’ve participated fairly actively in three coaching programs that I’m part of  – one is my biz coaching program, and two are magickal-spiritual. I’m so thankful for all the support that I’m surrounded with this year! I’ve needed it. I’m also part of a LOA-focused Mastermind group, and have kept up with the calls and the coursework that we’re doing together.
  • I’ve read 17 books so far this year – which isn’t surprising, as it’s one of my main hobbies and coping mechanisms.
  • My winter project of cataloging my personal library is nearly complete, and it’s been quite a bit of fun. I don’t yet have a total of books we own, but I promise I’ll share the results once I’m finished.
  • I learned to cook Indian food (which is my favorite type of meal) in a new way. Not only is it more flavorful, but it’s also vegan. Quester said I’ve really upleveled my abilities. It tastes like the best restaurant Indian food. I’m thrilled! (The picture shows BlackLion and Milton kitten helping me prepare an Indian food feast – just before Milton got removed from the top of the microwave)

Wow. That’s a lot. After typing it all out, I feel better, for sure. It’s so funny how we get caught up in what hasn’t happened, and tend to forget to celebrate what has. 

I’m thankful for all my accomplishments, and my very Virgoan habit of keeping track of things. Heh heh.

What about you? As we near the end of the first quarter of 2023, what are you celebrating? What have you accomplished so far?

Tell me what you think!

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