Writing with the Moon’s Phases

I’ve been keeping track of the moon’s phases, and how they affect me and my energy, for a long time now.

Applying it to my creativity in particular has been a more recent nuance that helps me plan my projects more effectively. It also makes writing more fun.

When you tap into the moon’s energy and flow with it, your writing (or other creative work) will be easier. It’s as simple as that.

You might have no problem with the common understanding that the energies are more frantic when the moon is full. But when you dive deeper, and begin to observe the more subtle phases of the moon throughout each month, you can take this wisdom further.

Here’s a brief overview of the moon’s phases and my experience with writing during them:

Dark of the Moon: This is the couple of days just before the New Moon. I find it to be a time of rest and reflection. I don’t normally write much at the dark of the moon – beyond some venting in my personal journal. My cup feels empty.

New Moon: I can feel the shift when the moon begins to wax once again. Fresh ideas begin to trickle in, but I’m still not in full-on creative mode.

Waxing Crescent: Seeing that first slim crescent moon in the sky inspires me! Now I’m more in the flow, and writing comes more easily. I’m back to my usual writing schedule.

First Quarter: This is a time of balance. I’m writing productively, but I also need to make sure I get out into the world and keep the inspiration flowing. It’s a good phase for making sure you get some time in nature, and visit with people who inspire you.

Waxing Gibbous: I’m on fire! The lunar energies keep me creating. I often add other types of creativity to my repertoire –  making new playlists, working on scrapbooks, taking photos. My writing is really moving forward.

Full Moon: This is my personal power phase. I’m able to write, play, work, celebrate – all the things! If I have a big project that needs my energy poured into it, scheduling blocks of time during the Waxing Gibbous and Full Moon phases is a smart move. Some people find the Full Moon’s energies too chaotic, but I like it.

Waning Gibbous: This moon phase is associated with communication, teaching, and learning. It’s a good time to share your work in progress, or collaborate with another creative person. My writing tends to be steady, but not as prolific as it is during the waxing phases.

Last Quarter: Again we’re at a balance point, but this time moving toward the ebb of lunar energy. It’s a useful time to take stock of how things are going with your project. I like to look over what I’ve written and update my outline to see what still needs to be added.

Waning Crescent: As we ebb toward the Dark of the Moon once again, my writing tends to slow down. I take this as a time to go inward and reflect. It’s also a good time to learn new things, read, and otherwise take in new input that will help you grow as a person, and thus as a creator.

A new aspect that I’ve recently added to my attention to lunar phases is to keep track of which astrological signs the moon is in, thanks to the WEALTH alchemy course I’m taking. It’s fascinating stuff. There’s a phone app called iLuna that makes it super easy to keep track of moon phases and astrological signs.

Want to know more about the moon’s 8 phases and the energies associated with each one? BlackLion and I wrote extensively about it in our new book, Follow the Ebb & Flow: the Law of Attraction & the Tides of Life. You can get your copy (paperback or ebook) on Amazon.

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