Starcat’s Favorites: Magickal Staycation

As much as I love to travel, I’m currently not minding having to take a “staycation” this week instead of a more traditional vacation (thanks, 2020). Why?

Well, first of all, I love summer in Maine. I’m so blessed to live in a place of natural beauty, with easy access to beaches, lakes, mountains, and other gorgeous places. The weather is even cooperating!

Also, I’m taking this WEALTH alchemy course that’s rocking my world. I have a stack of books, a new Tarot deck, and lots of (live and recorded) workshops at my fingertips. Part of me just wants to camp out in the hammock and read and study. Seriously.

Plus, we have three family birthdays this week to celebrate! So there’s birthday shopping and baking to do. The raspberries are ripe and ready for picking. There are plenty of tomatoes available to make a big batch of salsa.

So right now, a staycation is just the thing.

Here are some fun resources I’ve been enjoying this month. Happy reading!

Ooh, yes. I’m feeling this. Preach it, sister!

I like this take on the dangers of spiritual bypassing in this time of radical change. Also: you can trust your joy. These two articles, taken together, might seem like a paradox. To me, though, they’re just two sides of the same coin. You can help more people when you’re allowing yourself joy and pleasure than when you’re in a mode of constant anger and stress.

Gratitude can help in so many ways. This is my most recent guest post for Kind Over Matter.

Looking for something good to read? Here’s a list of black sci-fi and fantasy authors to check out. Also, reading is good for you! But we knew that, right?

How about some new recipes? These look so yummy…

Remember to grab a copy of my new book, Follow the Ebb & Flow: the Law of Attraction & the Tides of Life, co-written with BlackLion.

Enjoy the waning days of summer!

Tell me what you think!

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