Starcat’s Favorites: Focusing on the Good Stuff

Winter is hard. Am I right? It’s cold and dark and not all that inspiring. But I find that focusing on the good stuff in life makes it much more fun.

Here’s a recent list: Celebrating my daughter’s 21st birthday with her in Santa Fe, New Mexico – we went to MeowWolf, which I highly recommend.

Savoring the new season of Grace & Frankie.

So many good books to read! I’m currently loving Lev Grossman’s Magicians series.

My cozy warm home. Loving family and friends. Cat snuggles.

Dappled sunshine on the snow, reflecting through the fir trees in the backyard.

Helping book clients channel their inspiration onto the page.

Soup and biscuits. Tea dates with inspiring women friends. And much more! Life is good.

Speaking of focusing on the good stuff, here’s an awesome illustrated list of good news from 2019. Go, sea turtles!

A good friend introduced me to ThriftBooks on my birthday this past fall. I love it! They have a best books of 2019 post, as well as a best sci-fi and fantasy list for the past decade. More good books to devour!

Do you remember Bunnicula, the story of a vampire bunny? It’s apparently an enduring classic now…

I’ve decided that less is more for 2020, particularly in terms of my career. I’m taking inspired action, rather than trying to do All The Things. This also involves embracing imperfection and allowing the mess. Creativity isn’t linear! (As I’m reminding myself regularly).

One of my best friends shared this lovely article about one of my favorite goddesses, Yemaya.

Here’s a post by Pema Chodron about the Buddhist practice of tonglen.

Enjoy your favorite winter activities!

Tell me what you think!

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