Evolving Spiritual Practices

autumnwalkThis summer I celebrated an unusual anniversary: 20 consecutive years of daily spiritual practice! Yes, really. My practice, as you might imagine, has evolved quite a lot over the last two decades.

Recently, my morning practice involves 30 minutes of silent meditation followed by bullet journaling. The meditation itself includes a chakra clearing as well as other energy work. My daily bullet journal session includes (among other things) making a list of things I’m grateful for from the previous day.

In addition to this practice, I’ve added a couple of other daily (or near-daily) activities this year. One is that BlackLion and I started a “20-minute movement challenge” in February. The idea is to do something to move your body, daily, for at least 20 minutes. We started with dancing, and moved on to flow arts (in my case, hula-hooping).

I don’t actually do my hooping or dancing every day. But in typical Virgo fashion, I keep track of my movement and do the equivalent. In other words, if I miss a day, I make sure I catch up the following day by doing at least 40 minutes – or an hour, if I’ve missed two days. You get the idea. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been adding more movement to my days, even outside the challenge – like walking and swimming.

I’ve noticed the positive changes in my body. Hula-hooping is great for core strength, and while I haven’t yet lost much weight, my body is definitely changing. I’ve also gotten much better at hula-hooping, and learned a few simple tricks from my daughter. I’m keeping this movement challenge, as it’s a positive thing for a writer – my work is mostly sedentary, and so getting moving regularly is good.

Over the past year, I’ve also been working on upgrading my personal prosperity. As a family of self-employed adults, and as part of the legacy of living on one income while we were homeschooling, we’ve been struggling with poverty for what seems like far too long. I’m more than ready for a change.

So along with taking courses with an excellent business coach, I started a daily practice which I’ve been calling “money mindset.” This can involve anything from starting a budget and keeping track of expenses, to reading books on money and prosperity, to journaling on my old beliefs about money (either on my own, or guided by prompts someone else created), to taking online workshops.

As this particular practice has evolved, I’m realizing that it’s not really all about the money, per se, but more about my mindset in general. I find it extremely valuable to pay attention, in some way, to my mindset each day. It ties in with the spiritual studying that I’ve returned to throughout my adult life. I’m learning so much! The tools I’ve added to my tool kit from this new practice are helping me to grow and evolve in all areas of my life.

I like to tell people that your daily spiritual practice will seep out into your daily life in surprising ways. It’s so true! It’s all interconnected.

If you don’t yet have a daily spiritual practice of your own, I most highly encourage you to start one. If you’re looking for resources to help you get started, check out our video and my book on the topic. You can also comment below with your questions or the challenges you face. I look forward to hearing from you!

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