Starcat’s Favorites: Transformation and Witchery

samanthaandmeWow. What an autumn it’s been so far. I’ve been undergoing a huge transformation – which seems to be a theme for many of us, lately. I like to think that the Universe is helping us spiritually-focused types to “level up” (to use a gaming term), so that we can continue to help with the expansion of human consciousness. It feels very intense, overwhelming, and powerful, but also exciting and inspiring!

My lovely daughter ElvenTiger has now settled into her new home in Colorado. She’s got a “bridge job” at a clothing store, and is making art and preparing herself to go to art school next year (or that’s the current plan). She seems to be thriving, and I’m delighted for her.

Even while missing her a LOT. Especially as the holidays approach swiftly.

I’ve been continuing my journey of working hard and learning TONS in the realm of career and money. My new business as a book midwife is flourishing already. At a recent conference, my coach asked us to declare what developmental stage our biz would be if it were a child. My book midwife biz, although still an infant, is definitely an old soul. Much like my daughter.

Feline Dreamers is trucking along well, and we’re getting ourselves out into many new communities, including our local yoga studios as well as online gatherings, via our PawedCats Podcast.

Oh, and this month I’m also doing my third NaNoWriMo, writing the second book in my contemporary fantasy series.

So I am busy, and happy.

I’ve gathered some links for you – ones that reflect our collective desire for more meaning, more magick, and conscious change. Enjoy!

The second in a powerful series of articles on walking your talk. So many of us are “recognising that being devoted to Spirit means being devoted to social justice.” (If you missed it, here is part one).

Why the term “witch” is no longer an insult.

How to keep from procrastinating on your big goals and intentions.

Life gets hard sometimes. Here are some ideas for extra self-care. Also – I always knew that reading is good for the soul!

I love this essay on dreaming yourself awake.

Let me know how your transformation is going, and what you’re taking from these links. Leave a comment below!

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