Starcat’s Favorites: Gratitude

treeheartIn the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I participated in a “14 Days Glad” challenge that a friend created in a Facebook group I belong to. The idea was to post a list of ten things each day that you’re thankful for. I loved it so much!

It’s not like I’m a stranger to gratitude lists – I write ten things I’m thankful for each day in my own journal. But this group is full of creative, poetic, amazing people, which challenged me to up my game. Instead of just making a list of people, things, and experiences that I’m thankful for, I was called to dive in deep and really explore each item. It felt delightful. I want to keep it going.

So, I guess today I’m thankful for…gratitude itself, and the opportunity to share it. I’m also thankful for you, and how you’ve taken a bit of your time (a precious resource!) to read this post. Thank you so much!

Here are some links to explore as you relax and digest all those yummy Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy!

Speaking of food – weren’t we? – here are a couple of recipes I want to try. A pumpkin pie spice smoothie and a new tempeh dish. Both are from the delightful Kris Carr, and I also like her post about healthy eating tips for the holidays. She rocks!

This article about the pleasures of the night and the dark time of year is so lyrical and lovely.

I wouldn’t consider myself “mentally tough,” but I like how these habits can help me be more resilient.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your words create your experience? Especially with topics that are tricky for you.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, or somewhere in between, make sure you give yourself extra care during the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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