The Gift of Creativity

Today marks the start of a new offering here at Starcat’s Corner. From time to time, I’ll be presenting a Tarot card and then taking a look at a related topic through the lens of that card.

I’ve been working with the Tarot since 1997, and I find that it shines a different kind of light on a topic, problem or situation than we’re able to grasp with the rational mind alone. I invite you to take a look at the card, read the post, and then come up with your own insights and questions. I’d love to hear any that you care to share in the comments, below.

The first card we’ll be working with is the Ace of Wands, which invites us to look more deeply at our creativity. One of my favorite images of this card comes from The Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.

Here, take a look (click on the image to see a larger version):


I love how vibrant and passionate the creative spark is in this image! The wand, which is made of oak, has been cut, severed from the tree. It is flawed and imperfect. Yet green leaves still bloom, and a powerful light emanates from the wand. To me, this shows how, despite the fact that we are each individual beings, mere humans, separated from our Source, we are nonetheless powerful creators. Whether consciously or not, simply by existing, you shine your bright light into the world. That light of your creative energy moves outward in concentric circles, affecting not only those around you, those who interact directly with you and your work, but also people and situations unknown to you.

And the separation itself is an illusion. Look how the wand stands upon the grassy plain, its tip buried firmly in the ground. You are part of the ground of being that encompasses the entire cosmos.

In the Tarot, the aces represent gifts. The gift of creativity that flows to you from this card comes with a new beginning. It is dawn in the image. Each day, you awaken from sleep into a brand new day, one in which you have the power to choose to create the life that is most meaningful to you. Sure, you can create in the traditional sense, by writing a book or painting a landscape. But whether or not you choose to do that work, you are already creating your own life, moment by moment, a work of art.

Sometimes we are unaware of this power that we hold, but it waits there for us in each new day.

The suit of wands, as is quite evident on this card, is associated with fire. Creativity is action. When you allow it to flow through you, warming your body, mind, and spirit, you come up with amazing ideas, inspired creations, and delightful connections. Fire can be scary, but it is also an essential part of life. Other ways to symbolize this type of energy would be sunshine, heat, electricity, or fuel. Think about how you fuel your own creative explorations. Do you block the flames, or feed them with your attention and time?

Here are some further questions for you to ask yourself, as a starting point on your own journey with the Ace of Wands:

What type of life am I creating for myself? What energies am I emanating? How do I share my creations with the world? In what ways can I enhance my connection with the cosmos, grounding myself more firmly in the all? What choices can I make each day to increase my creativity and contribution to the world? How am I feeding or smothering my creative fires?

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