Starcat’s Favorites: Follow the Bliss

wildpackoffamilydogsWhat’s been lighting up your world this week? I’ve been recovering from a head cold, so I’m moving slowly. But even so, I’ve been following my bliss as often as I can. This week it means walks with my son and a bunch of happy dogs, working with BlackLion on revising our novel, hula-hooping to SuperHeavy with my daughter, laughing with Quester, playing cards with my extended family, and putting up my feet & reading a good book. And that’s only a sampling. The rising energies of spring are such a blast!

Here are some links to help you follow your bliss, this weekend and beyond. Enjoy!

I use affirmations quite a bit in my personal journal. This is a really powerful one (and the story behind it) by Danielle LaPorte. Love it.

You know those things you just don’t seem to get to? We all have them. (I just discovered this website, Puttylike, and it’s really quite cool).

My friend and I have been discussing starting a local women’s group. This article she shared with me is terrific!

I so want to make this natural moisturizing sunblock recipe.

Another illustration of the value of regular practice and showing up for your creative pursuits. Yes to this.

A thought-provoking article on the value of different ways of thinking and perceiving.

A list of new books to read in the hammock or by the ocean this summer. I’ve only read one of these books, so I can’t vouch for them, but several are on my to-read list.

Beltane is next week! I’m getting so excited for the celebrations! Here’s a wonderful snapshot (in words) of a favorite.

I won an awesome prize from FaeryTale Ink! I’m going to be participating in the Gold Spinning online workshop in May! Check it out – it looks excellent. Her Facebook page, with images and stories from dreams, is one of my favorites.

In the meantime, I’ll be out here walking in the woods.

Blessings of fun and joy to you!

Tell me what you think!

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