Creativity, Spirituality, and a New Notebook

This week I’d intended to write a post for you about the connection between creativity and spirituality. In my experience, I’ve discovered that the two are delightfully entwined. When I focus on my creativity, it expands my sense of connection with the entire cosmos. This increases my personal joy and my sense that I’m doing meaningful work. The converse is also true: when I take time to become connected, whether through meditation or taking time in nature or practicing mindful presence, I find that my creative flow is ramped up, almost exponentially.

While I was pondering this post, rolling the ideas around in my mind, BlackLion and I sat down to work on one of my goals for this month. I wanted to start an e-newsletter for my readers (that’s you, dear one), a way to have a more personal connection to those who choose to go in depth with what I share here. I took a look at what I write about most here on the blog: yup, the answer is spirituality and creativity!

I decided that the newsletter will focus on how you can add more creativity and imagination to your everyday life, thus automatically increasing your own joy quotient and lending more meaning to what you do. Sound good?

starcatsnotebookStarcat’s Notebook was born! Tah dah!

So, here’s the deal. If you’d like to get in on the fun, just sign up over on the right side of the page. The newsletter will come out once each month, and will include lots of fun and creative goodies. Like creative musings, inspiring quotes, whimsical stories, fun and funky projects, and seasonal challenges. AND, in addition to that, you’ll receive (as soon as it’s finished) a Creative Inspiration Pack, which is a spunky little e-book by yours truly (with artwork by BlackLion) that is your special gift for joining us.

Today I’ve been polishing the outline for the Creative Inspiration Pack, and I’ll be working on it for the next week or two. That’s why this post on creativity and spirituality got a bit, well, side-tracked. Don’t worry, though, the whole concept has been expanded on and infused with a slew of fun new ideas, and you’ll be able to read it before too much longer!

If you join before the Creative Inspiration Pack is finished, I promise that it will be delivered to you as soon as it’s ready, wrapped up in a virtual purple ribbon!

Whether or not you sign up for Starcat’s Notebook, I always appreciate you reading these words, and I love to hear your feedback. Blessings!

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