Starcat’s Favorites: Love and Family

This time of the year gets super zany for me. There are hundreds of things that populate my to-do lists, and all of them want my attention. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed. Know what I mean?

One of the things that helps me slow down and enjoy the winter holiday season is to remember what’s most important. For me, the holidays are about love. All of the tasks that get added to my list in December – shopping for and making gifts, sending cards, decorating the house, baking yummy treats, hosting and attending gatherings – are there because I want to make things really special for my family and friends, and to spend time having fun with them.

I can’t do that when I’m stressed out or exhausted.

WP_20141126_001When I stop to remember that, it brings clarity to what I’m doing. I slow down, enjoy the decorations, sit and watch a Christmas show together in the evening, take a break to read a book, enjoy a relaxed dinner with my extended clan, gaze at the gorgeous snowy landscape, and become more present for gatherings with friends. Ahhh…that feels better.

I choose to trust that everything will get done, and that I can show my love for my family and be kind to myself.

Here are some links for your weekend. Take a little break, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy!

Did you know you can learn to stop worrying? I love this.

Here are some tips on how to get more done while honoring your own needs.

Self-care can be luxurious without costing a lot of money. Here are some inexpensive ways to nurture yourself. The article also defines the very ambiguous term “self-care” in a way that makes real sense.

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Finally, at the risk of annoying you with more stuff about introverts, here’s how to survive the (very social) holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


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