5 Ways to Break Your Curses

Have you ever felt like you were cursed? Like there are these old patterns that have you in their grip, and they just won’t let go?

I have a friend who is having what she calls “a string of bad luck” right now. She feels like an old pattern is recurring in her life, one of being the unpopular one, the outcast, the kid who is always picked last. She describes this state as “being cursed,” and wants some help breaking it.

For the record, yes, this is an actual friend, not myself in disguise. Though I have felt this way many times in my life, too, so I can empathize.

Well, then, how did I get out of it? How can you break your own curses, those issues in your life that seem to come back like a bad penny? I have some suggestions.

Before I share them, it’s important that you know that right now is the perfect time for breaking a curse. We’re in the waning part of the lunar cycle, and the dark of the moon is upon us. It’s also the time of the waning sun, and the days will continue to grow shorter until Winter Solstice. This is a time for letting go, for releasing those things that you really don’t want around anymore.

You can do this! Try one of the ideas below, or hey, why not try them all? Your personal curse won’t stand a chance.

  1. Burn it up. Write down your curse, in detail. Draw an illustration. Pour your feelings about it into this piece of artwork. Energize it with all your angst and hurt and anger. When you are finished, burn it! I probably don’t have to tell you to do this safely, but a reminder is nice. As your paper burns, take a deep breath in and then exhale forcefully. You’re done with this crap! The curse is broken!
  2. Rewrite your story. Whenever you let something go, it’s crucial to put something new in its place. The Universe doesn’t like blank space. So, since you’re letting go of this curse, who will you be instead of the cursed one or the victim? Tell a new story. List your positive attributes. Using my friend’s example, tell yourself how others in your life want to spend time with you, they admire you but were too shy to say anything before, and you’re about to be chosen for an awesome new adventure!
  3. Help someone in need. Nothing distracts you from your own problems more quickly than helping someone who is suffering. This might mean volunteering for a soup kitchen, raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, or being a good listener for someone who’s having a terrible day. Look around you and you’ll see that just about everyone suffers in one way or another. How can you offer your help? When you’re engaged in helping them, you’ll be distracted from your own problems, and more likely to focus on the blessings in your life.
  4. Embrace your desires. I’ve heard this basic spiritual advice from so many different sources: to live the life of your dreams, focus more on what you do want than what you don’t like about your life. Feeling cursed doesn’t have to stop you from learning what you do want. In fact, it can provide the contrast to send you in a new direction. If you keep getting sick and feel you’re cursed with poor health, then what you do want is to feel well and healthy. Think about and focus on health, and the things you can do to encourage it – even if they are just small baby steps. Honor your desires by taking the steps to fulfill them.
  5. Ask for help. Sometimes we struggle along on our own and feel like we’ll never get out of this cycle we’re in. Asking for help from a friend can be just the boost you need. Her perspective could be a breath of fresh air, helping you see the situation in a new way. You might discover that she’s felt the same way, or that she knows someone who has. Or at the very least you’ll have a fun night on the town, laughing about your problems and devouring a huge hot fudge sundae together. Laughing at a curse is guaranteed to reduce its power over you.

The fact that you’re even aware of the curse or old pattern is a great first step. Awareness is key. Action is next. So get to work, and banish that curse! You’ve got this.

Tell me what you think!

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