Fun With Busking

This afternoon BlackLion, ElvenTiger and I did some busking in Portland (Maine). If you’re not sure what busking means, essentially it’s a street performance done for donations. In this case, we were there to help out some friends who are doing some fundraising.

Three teams from our homeschool co-op recently won top slots in the state Odyssey of the Mind competition. Hurray for creative thinking and problem-solving! Now they’re headed to the world finals, and that’s what the fundraising is about.

ElvenTiger did hula hooping (with lots of tricks) and poi spinning (with her LED poi that she got for Christmas). Sometimes she even combined the two. Here’s a photo of her (with us in the background) that was taken for Dispatch Magazine; we were thrilled to see it already posted online by the time we got home! Very cool.

BlackLion and I played drums, jamming with a good friend of ours who brought his guitar. It was a lot of fun. The weather was lovely, mild and breezy with clouds floating through a very blue sky and the golden sun slanting across the brick buildings. We got to chat with quite a few passers-by, many of whom donated to the cause. There was a lot of laughter and many smiling faces, and it was delightful being out and about during Portland’s First Friday Art Walk. I love our nifty little city by the sea.

If you’d like to help some very creative and talented kids on their adventure, you can make a donation here, or share the link with others who might donate. Thanks in advance!


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  1. I knew you were sweet, just hadn’t realized how delectable Nikki! So happy to hear Zoe is on her way! What a fun way to CREATE change in the world! ((hug))

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