The Library of Your Mind

My friend J.F. posted the most interesting question I’ve seen on Facebook in some time, perhaps ever. He asked, “If your mind was a library, what would it be like?” He went on to ask specific questions about what would be included, and summed up with, “tell me about the library of your mind.”

Here is what I wrote in response, postponing my start on my writing projects to follow my imagination inward:

The library of my mind is a converted stone cottage, with a stone tower as part of one corner. Outside there are gardens with benches and a little pond with a stream running into and out of it. There is a stone labyrinth in the nearby meadow, and paths through the woods. There are lots of friendly nooks where one can sit and read. Inside, there is a fireplace, and lots of comfy chairs. The floor is wide wooden planks, but there are colorful throw rugs and pillows scattered about. There are many friendly cats, napping on various surfaces. There are two doors, one at the front and one at the back leading out into the garden. There are windows which let in sunlight and moonlight. The lighting at night is provided by various lamps on end tables near the chairs, and augmented by candles and the fireplace. As well as shelves of books on every wall, there are various musical instruments available for playing, and art supplies and writing materials near a big wooden table by a bay window.

The books on magick, philosophy, and other mystical things are contained within the tower part of the library. The levels of the tower are accessed by a spiral wrought iron staircase. At the very top, if you venture up that far, you can access the flat tower roof, which is used for rituals. The ritual tools are protected from the weather in a big waterproof chest.

The library’s “card catalogue” is contained in a violet crystal ball which sits on a stand in the foyer. Simply ask and you will be directed to that which you seek – although the crystal does have a sense of humor, so sometimes you will have to follow a side tangent or refine your query. The whole library smells like books, nag champa incense, and honey.

What about you? What is it like in the library of your mind? Leave a comment if this query inspires you!

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