A Self-Love Update (and Affirmations)

Yesterday I received a new comment on one of my old blog posts. I went back and re-read the post, which was from March of 2011 (note: if you want to see the new comment, you’ll need to look on the old blog). The article was about my new focus on self-love and acceptance. This is something I’ve been working on since then, and I’m pleased to report that it’s going very well.

Sure, I still have times when those old critical patterns try to rise up and guilt me into feeling crappy about something I have or haven’t done. But for the most part, I just listen politely and then let them go. Or have a good cry, if the feelings are especially intense, and then do something nurturing for myself.

I’ve found that moving through my day by going with the flow is the best way to stay mindful of being kind to myself. Sure, I have a daily to-do list, but I’m not attached to it as an indicator of my worth. Most things will wait for another day if I don’t get to them. It’s more important that I’m being kind, connecting with myself and others, having fun, expressing my creativity, and giving from a place of love.

One of the best tools I’ve found for helping with self-love is affirmations. I created a list of them, and I’ve found the best way for me to use them is to write them in my journal. Each day (or, most every day) when I do my journal-writing practice, at the end I pick five affirmations and write them each five times. This helps really affirm them deeply in my psyche. You might have a different learning style, and want to dance or draw or chant or sing your affirmations.

I thought I’d share a few of mine here, in case you want to use them or adapt them for your own self-love purposes:

My inner Source is pleased with me.

I am worthy of Love just as I am.

I am creative and talented.

I deserve to be happy and successful.

I Love and approve of myself.

A more recent addition to my self-care routine is the daily 20 minutes (or more) of dancing. When I’m moving around to music, letting my emotions flow through my body, I can’t help feeling beautiful. No matter my size or age or clothing, I feel attractive and joyful when I dance. Despite the end of the 90-day dance challenge, I’m keeping this as part of my spiritual practices.

Much Love to you!

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