Peace Through Music

When Quester and I were in college, for a semester or two I worked for some wonderful women in a new department, Peace Studies. Quester was always involved in the local music scene, so we tried to put on a spring fundraiser called “Peace Through Music.” It failed, I think from lack of enough publicity, but I like the concept, and the name.

A friend and bandmate from Dark Follies wrote a lovely message to BlackLion and I after attending our Winter Solstice gathering on Friday: “Thanks for a beautiful Solstice gathering… may the light of the new year guide your drumbeats!” I love it!

This morning I woke with this bit of a dream: I was trying to create a peace symbol using drum sticks (you know, the percussion kind, not cooked fowl). I was challenged because the sticks are straight and I had to make the circle around the outside. Then I realized I could use a lot of extra sticks and make the circle look like rays, like a child’s drawing of the sun. It ended up looking very cool.

So, I think my music will continue to play a big part in my life this year, and perhaps help bring peace, not only to me, but to the wider community. So may it be!

P.S. If you’re looking for Starcat’s Favorites for the week, I haven’t been on the computer much due to holiday preparations, family fun and various gatherings. It’ll be back next week, though! Blessings to you; enjoy your holiday whether it’s peaceful and quiet or filled with chaos and laughter!


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