Drumming at the Edge of Winter

Last night BlackLion and I drummed for a Pagan benefit performance honoring the Winter Solstice, called “The Longest Night.” The performances, which were excellent, consisted of dramatic readings of prose and poetry, storytelling, dancing and a sing-along. As Feline Drummers, we drummed before the official start of the show and during the intermission. I had a great time! Leading up to the event, we practiced the rhythms we’ve written over the past year and learned a new one, which was also a lot of fun.

This reminded me that I haven’t taken much time to drum lately, since the colder weather. I’m not sure exactly why. I recently read Mickey Hart’s Drumming at the Edge of Magic, which was inspiring. When I do drum, I get swirled away in the music and the moment. Learning new rhythms engages both my logical and intuitive sides, which is challenging and exciting. I’m still a beginning drummer, though I think now I’m perhaps at the advanced beginner stage. I’m lucky enough to have a natural sense of rhythm, but that only takes me so far. I definitely want more practice and training.

After performing last night, we got several invitations and recommendations, along with a bunch of compliments. Two people mentioned a local drum circle that we should drop in on, we were invited by a dance teacher to drum for her classes this winter, and some folks that we work with magickally want to add drumming to our next gathering. I think I’m being gently nudged in the direction of more drumming! First, though, I need to get through the rest of these holiday preparations and celebrations. Pa rum pa pum pum….

Oh, and an addendum to my book wish list – I forgot (at least) one very important book! I really really want to read The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn.


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  1. Center of Movement in Gorham has a great drumming circle. They seem to have a lot of fun ;).

    They’ll be performing at the New Year’s Gorham celebration, if you’re interested in stopping in (there’s some kind of fee that gets you in to all of the events all over town, but I don’t recall what it is. It’s on the New Year’s Gorham website).

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