Starcat’s Favorites: Life is My Favorite

This week was about nature, holiday preparations, family, de-cluttering, and learning about marketing. I confess to not keeping up with my usual blog-reading. I’m usually fairly tidy, or perhaps one might say compulsive, about keeping my virtual inbox clear. But at the moment I have over 100 messages I haven’t opened yet. Eep! I’ve been out there in the world, living life, enjoying myself and keeping quite busy with it.

And it was all worth it. I’m sure I’ll get caught up again. In the meantime, I only have a few links to share this week. But you’re probably rather busy, too. Enjoy your holidays!

I took part in a cool Chanukah gifting by Jo Anna at The Receiving Project. According to her, my divine job title is Magician of Grace and Light. I love it! I’ll try to live up to it.

Here are some terrific ideas for having a clutter-free holiday season.

Some good reasons for making our deepest dreams a true priority in our lives.

And of course, BOOKS! I’m adding some of these to my wish list. Especially The Night Circus, which a friend just recommended to me today.

Tell me what you think!

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