Starcat’s Favorites: Transition to Autumn

I had my 43rd birthday this week, and as is often the case, my personal celebration helps me mark the transition from summer energies to those of autumn. For most of us, there’s a lot going on right now, and it’s important to make sure we find and maintain our balance as we make the seasonal shift.

I’m thankful to my family and friends for their outpouring of love and gifts this week! Thank you! And I’m also very excited to have been hosted on the website Kind Over Matter once again. My new article on my family’s alternative lifestyle, and my experience of polyamory, can be found by clicking here.

This week I’m sharing some links that I’m finding helpful as we move from late summer to early fall. Enjoy!

As we collectively move from the old ways to (finally!) the Age of Aquarius (or that’s one way to view it, anyway), the stars continue to have some intense times in store for us. Here are a couple of views on finding authentic ways to serve and centering yourself during this wild ride.

One way of being of service to others is to spread your joy around the world. It’s fun!

As we step into our own power, it is helpful to recognize that power-from-within (also called power-with) is much more sustainable and healthy than the power-over model that we’ve been taught in this culture.

I’m doing great with the 90-day dance challenge. Dancing at least 20 minutes a day feels so amazing to my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Here’s an article about letting your body lead when you wish to upgrade your health.

Do you have respect for those you love? What about your kids, if you have any? Respect is a key part of a healthy relationship.

When you share yourself, how do you know the message is getting across the way you intended? Here are some tips, and a hilarious video that had me giggling uncontrollably.


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