Householding, With Mixed Success

Those who know me well already know I’m not really a very good housekeeper. I do well with keeping things picked up and tidy, and I’m a terrific cook. I keep the dishes done and the kitchen in fairly good order. But deep cleaning, like dusting shelves and scrubbing floors, just isn’t my forte. That said, I’m firmly in the householder stage of life, and I’m even part of the “sandwich generation” now. Meaning, I’m still raising kids while also helping out my elders as they need more assistance in this new phase of their lives.

I think it’s going pretty well, for the most part. I have a terrific family, and I don’t mind helping out in whatever ways I can. My teens seem to be thriving, and although parenting Dryst is often a challenge, I wouldn’t change him. He’s a leader, and his strong personality will serve him well in his life; I’m sure he’ll learn to take others’ feelings into account. ElvenTiger is a big help, though her room is typical for a teen – messy!

When things get really busy, though, with all of the above tasks, plus writing and drumming and volunteering and some part-time radio work mixed in for good measure, the house is what suffers a bit. I’m a believer in “people before things,” so I’m okay with letting the housework slide when others need me. Yet as a Virgo with Libra moon, I do feel better when I’m in an attractive and comfortable space.

What I need to do (besides hire some deep-cleaning help – believe me, as our prosperity increases, I’ll get there) is some decluttering. I want to get rid of stuff we don’t need, and find better systems of organizing. Yet when? It’s pretty far down on the list. All I’ve done thus far is to sign up for and read some “declutter and simplify your home” e-newsletters. Heh. It’s in my consciousness, though, and I guess that’s where any project must begin.

In the meantime, I know my true friends will overlook the dust and love me anyway.

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