It’s Okay to Be Confident

I find myself feeling more confident lately. Part of me feels a bit squirmy to admit it. But that’s an old self-image speaking: I used to be shy and overly humble. Not on purpose, but  because growing up as a very sensitive kid, I developed, like many of us, a lot of insecurity about how I appeared to others.

But lately there’s a new part of me emerging, the one who just doesn’t care about that anymore. The one who would rather enjoy life as fully as possible: dancing because it’s fun, drumming for joy and practice, writing because I’m called, again and again, to fill the empty page. The one who wants friends who enjoy spending time with me doing fun things, and doesn’t mind if they’re off doing something else instead. The me who is willing to share my stories, even the controversial or weird ones.

So I’m letting go of the blushing, squirmy part who thinks I’m boasting when I feel proud of myself or happy with my life. It’s okay to be confident, you know. Truly. It doesn’t mean you’re egotistical or self-centered. It means you’re connected with the part of the divine that lives in you. Let your inner light shine forth!

Tell me what you think!

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