Goals for 2012

Well, here we are several weeks into the new year, so I thought that sharing my goals with you might be good. Or actually, a bit overdue! I’ve had them written in draft form in my notebook for a while, and have been working and playing with some of them. And my 2012 Word of the Year, which is CONNECT, is already rocking my world! I think 2012 is shaping up to be an amazing, fantastic ride!

I liked the way I arranged them last year, by elements, so I kept that format this time. Here they are! Tah dah! Please feel free to comment on them, or to post some of your 2012 goals in the comment section. I’d love to hear them!

Air: I write and publish books and e-books. I am a helpful and encouraging unschool facilitator for my kids. I write, memorize, and perform a speech or prose poem. I create art and share it with others. I read and study sacred yogic texts.

Fire: I use the power of my will to succeed in my writing, my callings, and my business, Feline Dreamers. I use affirmations to increase my self-love and confidence. I agree to participate in events and projects only if they feel like a passionate “yes!” to me. I release habits, people, and situations which no longer serve me.

Water: I nurture myself regularly. I use my empathy and intuition to serve my community. I connect more deeply with my spirit guides and dream allies. I re-read my recent dream records and work creatively with them, employing new dreamwork techniques.

Earth: I spend time outdoors in Nature. I listen to my body’s innate wisdom and follow the suggestions I receive. I use herbal remedies and holistic practices to increase my wellness. I support myself and my family with money earned through my creative work.

Spirit: I continue my daily practice of meditation, mindfulness, and presence. I practice hatha yoga regularly. I spend time in sacred space, both alone and in community. I create a personal Wheel of the Year and represent it with art I create. I update my shrine and altars regularly.


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