Amazing Epiphanies

I’ve had such a fabulous week! Remember when I wrote about working on increasing my self-love? On Valentine’s Day, I had a realization that has led me to a whole new level of self-love and self-acceptance.

As I wrote on the Feline Dreamers blog, the inspiration for this epiphany was a phrase from a guided meditation from the CD “Getting Into the Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Just by hearing this phrase – “you are precisely where you have intended to be, and the Source within you is pleased” – I was launched into a new and exciting spiritual adventure.

Every day since then, I’ve been buoyed up by the notion that I am absolutely loved and cared for, just as I am. The sun seems brighter, the days seem full of possibilities, and I’m smiling and laughing a lot. After just one week, I’ve already expanded so much. BlackLion and I put in several queries to literary agents about one of our books, which is a huge step forward. I had an amazing dream that showed how much I’ve integrated this new lesson. And my connections (with other people, the earth, the Divine) have become more direct and tangible.

I’m so very thankful for the blossoming of this new energy. And I’m also glad I put in the work, tilling the soil and planting the seeds over the past several months. I send out my gratitude and joy to everyone, vibrating outward in waves of love. Blessed Be!


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