Contemplation and Preparation

Mother Nature has delivered us a lovely snowy day, after a few weeks of winter without any of the white stuff. ElvenTiger is happy and excited – her 13th birthday is Saturday, and she wanted to have snow on the ground by then. I’m glad that our out-and-about plans for today were canceled, and I can settle in for some more contemplation and preparation.

Winter is a time for slowing down, for hibernating a bit and letting my dreams and goals for the year begin to percolate underneath the surface. I’ve been slowly working through my plan for the new cycle. I’m still on the first couple of steps – I soon realized that when you write three pages each day, that’s a lot more material to read through! But I’m finding lots of gems – wisdom and insights I’ve gleaned over the past year, and sparkly ideas that I want to pursue during this one. I’ll share once I have them in a more organized form.

We’ve also been preparing for ElvenTiger’s birthday weekend. We’re in the process of deep-cleaning and reorganizing her room. She put aside a bunch of clothes that she’s outgrown, to give away and/or re-make into something new. We untangled and organized a bunch of yarn. Her best friend is coming over to spend the weekend with us, and we’re going to do a girls’ day out on Saturday.

We’d made the decision to have her friend over, and go out to lunch and then get their nails done and explore the mall. I asked her if there was another friend she’d like to include, and she touched my heart by saying, “well, I’d really like *you* to hang out with us.” So, for the first time ever, I’m getting a manicure. These two girls are a joy to hang out with, and I’m looking forward to our girl time. We’ll have a family party with dessert (chocolate cream pie, at her request) and gifts in the evening, and ElvenTiger will also celebrate with other friends next week at homeschool group.

In the meantime, I’m finishing up with my perusal of old journals, working on some research and writing for Feline Dreamers, and doing our taxes. BlackLion and the kids are out snow-blowing and shoveling, while the cats and I keep our paws dry inside. Merlin is doing well and lately he’s been enjoying sitting on my lap while I give him Reiki. Sweet feline!

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