A Merlin Cat Update

Merlin got his wire removed from his jaw today. They had to give him anesthesia for the procedure, and he wasn’t too happy about being at the vet again. When we dropped him off this morning, he was meowing and growling. I felt bad about leaving him there, but knew it had to be done.

They told us to call at 2pm and they’d let us know when he could come home. I got a call from the vet’s office at 1:45pm, with the tech saying diplomatically, “Merlin would love to come home now. You can pick him up anytime.” He’d been out in the back room crying and mewing! We zoomed over and got him right away – luckily we only live less than two miles from the vet’s office!

They gave him a good report. His jaw is stable and his pelvis is healing just fine. They told us he could start going outdoors again after one more week, as long as he seems to be moving around normally (and he has been thus far). I’m so glad!

This evening he’s been sort of loopy from the drugs wearing off. But also very loving, and so glad to be home again. I love him so much! Now he’s mostly feeling sleepy. His brother Percy seems to be glad he’s back home, too.

Thanks to everyone who sent prayers, good thoughts, and healing energies to Merlin! It worked!

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