Order of the Red Shopping Cart

It’s Friday, and the (fun but) busy week I’ve been having is catching up with me. I’m not stressed out, but definitely have a very full mind and life. Lists are my friend. I haven’t done my “morning pages” journal writing for a couple of days (well, there’s still time to do today’s, but most likely in the late evening by the time I get to it).

I had a nightmare the other night, after not having had one for quite a while. It was about a huge giant of a man who was a serial killer. I called the dream “Control Freak,” both because that’s how he behaved, but also because that’s what I think he represents for me – a part of my psyche that wants to be in control of everything, thus killing other parts of me, or at least threatening them. It’s something I’ve been releasing for quite some time now, and with excellent results, yet those old patterns often seem most resistant just when you think you’re finally done with them.

Overall, though, things are going well, and if this post seems scattered, it’s just because that’s where my mind is at today. Here is a sampling of some things on my list: taking kids to and from soccer, birthday plans for family members and friends (hi Libras!), getting my bangs trimmed, drum practice, packing up stuff to take to an event tomorrow, vacuuming, various writing projects all clamoring for attention, and more!

If you’re curious about the title of this post, well so am I. It’s the only thing I brought back from my dreams upon waking this morning. What is the Order of the Red Shopping Cart, and am I now a member? Shopping wasn’t even on my to-do list! What can it mean? No time to figure it out now. Gotta go!

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